Environmental Policies Alphavic

  • The cardboard roll from inside the fabric rolls is offered to a regional organization
  • Scrap wood is used as firewood for heating
  • Paint waste is deposed of according to environnemental norms
  • Boxes not being reused are recycled
  • Polyester scraps are used for stuffing cushions and are also offered to regional organizations that make wallets, purses and other crals
  • Fabric scraps and samples are offered to regional organizations
  • Foam scraps are returned to the supplier who uses it to produce backing for rugs and carpets
  • Office copy paper is reused by reusing the unprinted side
  • Steel scraps and waste are sent to a scrap metal dealer
  • Pallets are used as firewood for heating
  • Plastic packing materials are reused
  • Empty ink cartridges are recycled throught the Mira Fondation